Sean Peregrine - Intensively Instructor at Chilled Driving Tuition Ltd

I have many years experience of driving which has taken me to places all over the world.  From a moped to an articulated lorry I have driven and experienced all that I can on the roads.  I am passionate about driving and after spending the majority of my life on the roads it is surprising to see how poor some driving can be.  I've witnessed several avoidable accidents in that time which have inspired me to chose a role where I can make a difference and potentially save peoples lives.  I am proud to be a member of “Chilled Driving Tuition” the level of service in all areas is unmatched and I would teach nowhere else.  I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and value new experiences. As a father to 3 young children I know I would want them to learn in a safe, professional environment whilst maintaining that enjoyment in driving.  I want to open peoples lives to the freedom and opportunities a car can provide, opportunities I would never of had without my licence!

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