Weekly, & Intensive Driving Lessons Norwich, Norfolk & North Suffolk & Towing Training Norwich


NEW FOR 2017 Qtr 4

We are busy working on changing our school fleet over to Petrol engines.  Why? Well we have had so much feedback in the past about pupils that have learnt in diesels purchasing or driving cars they own or have access to and being unable to drive them due to them being petrol.   This is down to the way a diesel can pull on its clutch so pupils are not taught to set the gas correctly as is required in a petrol resulting in much stalling and frustration.  

On top of this petrol brings many environmental benefits over using diesel as they emit much less nitrogen oxides which are very harmful.  The final benefit is a car that sounds nice as opposed to a car that sounds like a tractor.

Since we introduced this change we now see over 70% of the fleet in petrol vehicles and so much positive feedback from those pupils luckily enough to have an instructor with one that it has reinforced the many benefits to all of taking this very important step, not least the fact that pupils can now drive their own petrol vehicles without any problems.

Chilled Driving Tuition has now been in operation for five years.  Since launch the company has experienced substantial growth in both instructor numbers and pupils.  The success has been phenomenal and well in excess of any that had previously been planned and would like to thank the pupils that have trusted in the brand to deliver them the best driving lessons in Norwich, Norfolk, & North Suffolk.   We now deal with over 1400 pupils annually and sadly turn away over 2500 per year which is why we are trying to recruit new instructors to join the team.

All our instructors are hand-picked based on their teaching style, beliefs and values, we don't just take on anyone like other schools just to get our numbers up, they have to be right for Chilled.  Between them they offer over 100 years worth of experience. They are all fully DVSA approved and regularly assessed and between them all the school is now able to proudly state that we have an actual first time pass rate of 83.63% which is well above national average.  We offer both male and female instructors in Norfolk and most of Chilled's Instructors are fully qualified Level 3 First Aiders always prepared for the unexpected. 

We are always working hard to make the product we offer better than anyone else and strive to exceed your expectations at every opportunity and we have the most comprehensive package available of any driving school or independent.  

The name for the Driving School was born from the manner in which we teach all our students, we strongly believe that a calm, relaxed atmosphere where a student enjoys their driving lessons is instrumental in their development and progress.  As a result of which we are seeing students from zero's to heroes in well under the national average time, ultimately saving you money.  If you value quality and believe you get what you pay for, then Chilled is for you.


Services we offer:-

  • Weekly lessons in a manual or automatic car 
  • Intensive Courses from 15 to 35 hours, ranging from 3 day, 4 day, 5 day or 6 days all time is spent in the car, none in a classroom.  Choose from a manual or automatic vehicle
  • B+E Trailer training, courses designed to suit your previous towing experience.  Choose from a manual car or automatic vehicle.  ARE YOU TOWING LEGALLY?
  • Training to become a driving instructor with our Chilled Academy for your next career move
  • Refresher lessons for those with a full licence but in need of some support.
  • Pass plus
  • Learner driver insurance, newly qualified driver insurance & car & insurance purchase plan via Marmalade

Safety is our Driving School priority


Safety is paramount and all our students are taught with this in mind, to make them better more 'Chilled' drivers and considerate towards other road users, as well as fantastic at planning and anticipation to minimise the risk of future accidents.