Automatically Chilled

Now even more Chilled, as there’s no clutch!

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Automatic Lessons in Norwich and Norfolk with a Chilled touch.  As with our manual lessons we aim to deliver to you the best of everything. 

Learning in an automatic can be less stressful and also quicker due to the vehicles having no clutch or the need to keep manually changing gears, resulting in less lessons and less expense initially.  This can also be suitable for nervous drivers or people with disabilities or medical conditions that means they have trouble operating a clutch or gears.  The up side is that you won’t stall in an automatic car again helping those that are nervous and will help build confidence and ultimately support their awareness and planning.  The only down side of learning and passing the test in an automatic car is that you are not permitted to then drive manuals without taking a further test.

We teach in an Audi A1 and Focus ST-Line which have the best automatic gearboxes on the market combined with the most fuel efficient engines.


Automatically Chilled Prices

New Pupil Introductory Offer

*Strictly 1 introductory offer per pupil

10 hours for £250*

£30 paid at time of booking (Non Refundable)

£220 to the instructor on 1st lesson

You can also pay in full at time of booking if you wish

Standard driving lessons (1.5 hours)


(£30 per hour)

Refresher lessons for full uk licence holders £26 per hour

Block Booking Deals 
10 hours of driving lessons £280 
(£28 per hour)
20 hours of driving lessons £540 
(£27 per hour)
30 hours of driving lessons £780
(£26 per hour)


Mock Test £60
Saturday Mock Test £75
Test Day Lesson & Car Rental £85
Short Notice/Sat Test Day Lesson & Car Rental £110
Pass Plus Course £200