Luke Gunning

Intensive Instructor

I started with Chilled in 2017 after working for an events company for 13 years. I have always been passionate about driving and have always looked at it as one of my strong points. Over the last few years I had toyed with the idea of becoming an ADI, then last year I decided to go for it. I felt that if I could pass on my skills and knowledge of driving to the upcoming generation of drivers it would be greatly rewarding, and hopefully contribute to making the roads of the UK a safer place for the future. I decided to do my instructor training through Chilled after a recommendation from a friend, after doing some research and reading reviews about the school it was quite clear to me that this was the Academy program I was after. My entire training took roughly 8 months from start to finish and once I had passed I've never looked back. I absolutely love my new career and can no longer imagine me doing anything else.

“Amazing service!”
“Best driving tuition going”
We are ranked 1st in the UK on FreeIndex

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